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100W LED Tunnel Light

100W LED Tunnel Light - Good water resistance IP65 - Efficient cooling 

What beneifts the LED Tunnel Light will bring you?

Durable, corrosion-resistant;

Efficient cooling;

A variety of methods to adjust the angle of illumination;

3030/3535 lamp beads, light efficiency more than 110lm / W';

Good water resistance, IP65.

led tunnel lights

Strong and sturdy

Black sheet metal, outdoor powder coating process.

Outdoor powder can be exposed to sunlight without fading, good corrosion resistance.

Sheet Metal is a kinds of integrated cold working process especially for thin metal plate(usually less than 6mm),including shear, cut,composite, folding, welding, riveting, stitching, molding (eg automotive body) etc. The notable feature is that all the same accessories is the same thickness.

Thermal technology

New cooling technology, our main push sheet metal, it is the highest thermal efficiency:
Sheet metal 3D thermal conductivity: 260 +
Fin-type thermal conductivity: 220 +
Common thermal conductivity of aluminum die-casting: 90+
About heat, you need to know is not the best way to heat the air flow, heat is the best way to heat by radiation, air flow without him, even if the vacuum will not be affected.
Sheet metal with excellent thermal conductivity, heat radiation can be effectively utilized vertically diverging characteristics, is a real 3D heat, that heat radiation through the large cross-sectional area, plus four vents design, not only has good thermal performance also reduce the weight.
led tunnel lights throughout the heat lamps

Luminous efficiency

Each module can be individually adjusted irradiation angle

Mounting bracket can be adjusted 180  °

60 watt LED tunnel lighting

Various lenses choice, selected according to the application,
A: Compact light can be used for advertising lights, spotlights
B: Standard light can be used in high-bay lights
C: Diffusion of light can be used to tunnel lights

SMD3030/3535 LED lamp beads

Light source SMD3030 have advantages: small size, low voltage safety, long life, high electro-optical conversion efficienty, fast response, evergy saving, environmental protection, the most cost-effective.

SMD3535 high power white light beads, better illumination angle, high lumens, the maximum power 3W, small size, easy to use, ceramic package thermal conductivity, high temperature.
This lamp beads also come out for some time, very stable, mainly used in street lamps, lights, spotlights.

SMD 3030 3535 60 watt LED tunnel lights


Each module is equipped with individual air respirator,

Eliminate fog lamps, water cooling.

Silicone ring seal technology, IP65 protection class, waterproof better

With long waterproof connector waterproof connector and aviation.

Aluminum material, not rust, can be used at the beach.

Waterproof LED tunnel lights 100W


Applied in the tunnel, workshop, large warehouses, stadiums, all kinds of factories, construction and other large area flood lighting.
Also applies to the urban landscape, billboards, building facade beautification lighting.

  • LED tunnel light application


Item Specification LW-M003
Power Consumption 100W
Lumen Output 11000 lm±10%
Efficacy 110lm/W±10%
Color Temperature 2800-6500K
The light source type SMD 3030/3535
Electrical Power Factory >0.9
Input Voilage AC85-277V
Power Supply Brand CE/MeanWell
Physical Weight 4.0KG
Dimension 10.71x10.23x4.33inch
Operation Temperature - 35℃~ 55℃
Humidity 20%~85%,non condensing
Finish Black
IP rated Ip65
Certificate Certificate CE RoHS UL
Material Usage RoHS compliant
Lifetime >50000h

Choose CE/MeanWell driver let the products reliablility and stable. Pass CE/UL certification

Item No. Driver Warranty
LW-M003-1 Normal Waterproof Driver 2 years
LW-M003-2 CE Driver 2 years
LW-M003-4 Meanwell Driver 5 years


Item Carton size G.W/Carton Quantity
LW-M003 300x275x145mm 5.5KG 1PCS/Carton


1.What products does LEDWorker Lighting provide?

LED wall pack, LED strip, LED floodlight, LED tube, and some relative products.

2.Do you accept OEM?

Yes, this is our regular cooperation and business. We accept producing products under Clients' brands.

3.Do you accept third party inspection?

We accept the buyer's request of inspection by third parties, such as SGS, B.V., COTECNA, etc. but the total charges related shall be on buyer’s account or Shared.

4.Are there only two kinds of working voltages (110v and 220v)? And can we use other working voltage?

Some Products can work within the range in 85-265 VAC, 277V AC, DC 24V, If you need to specify the operating voltage, please contact us.

5.Introduce the Products Working Voltage?

The LED wall pack main market is USA, voltage is 110V, LED Tube and LED floodlight is 85-230V, The LED Flexible working voltage is DC 5V, LED Module uses DC5V or DC12V/24V.


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