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30W - Normal Floodlight Series

30W - Normal Floodlight Series 

Using high-power Encapsulated LED light source; using a unique multi-chip integrated single source design; using imported high brightness semiconductor chips with high thermal conductivity, low luminous decay, pure light color, no ghosting;

Unique heat sink design, and the perfect combination with the electrical box achieved effective diffusion heat conduction, therefore reducing the temperature of the lamp body, effectively ensuring the lifespan of the driver and LED light source.


Radiating surface anodic oxidation processing, compact and beautiful structure, IP65 standard, good corrosion resistance, waterproof, dustproof;

Significant energy savings, the use of high-power LED light source is matched with imported high-efficiency power supply, saving more than 80% compared with the sodium lamp;

No lead, mercury or other pollution elements, no environmental pollution;

With high CRI, showing the true color of the light . Various of colors optional, meet the needs of different environments. Eliminating the depressed or low mood caused by the traditional lamp; making comfortable visual; improving the efficiency of working;

Using constant current and constant voltage, suitable for AC100-240V, working under DC with no flicker ,avoiding the irritation, fatigue to achieve eye protections.

Excellent decorative effect, using a special surface treatment process, colors optional, simple installation, easy disassembly.



Applies:Workshop, factory, warehouse, highway toll stations, gas stations, supermarkets, exhibition halls, stadiums, construction sites, mining areas and so on.

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Item Specification LW-C003
PowerConsumption 30W
LumenOutput 2400lm
Efficacy 80lm/W
ColorTemperature R,Y,B,G,
CRI ≥70
LED Epistar/Bridgelux
Electrical PowerFactory >0.9
InputVoilage 100-240Vac
Physical Weight 2.1KG
Dimension 8.56x7.28x5.12in
Housing Die-castaluminum
OperationTemperature -35℃~55℃
Humidity 20%~85%,noncondensing
Finish Black
IPrated Ip65
Certificate Certificate CERoHS
MaterialUsage RoHScompliant
Lifetime >50000h


Item Carton size G.W/Carton Quantity
LW-C003 20.87x13.39x15.00in
20Kg 8PCS/Carton


1.What products does LEDWorker Lighting provide?

LED wall pack, LED strip, LED floodlight, LED tube, and some relative products.

2.Do you accept OEM?

Yes, this is our regular cooperation and business. We accept producing products under Clients' brands.

3.Do you accept third party inspection?

We accept the buyer's request of inspection by third parties, such as SGS, B.V., COTECNA, etc. but the total charges related shall be on buyer’s account or Shared.

4.Are there only two kinds of working voltages (110v and 220v)? And can we use other working voltage?

Some Products can work within the range in 85-265 VAC, 277V AC, DC 24V, If you need to specify the operating voltage, please contact us.

5.Introduce the Products Working Voltage?

The LED wall pack main market is USA, voltage is 110V, LED Tube and LED floodlight is 85-230V, The LED Flexible working voltage is DC 5V, LED Module uses DC5V or DC12V/24V.


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