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200W High Mast LED Light

200W High Mast LED Light - Massive Fin heat dissipation 

Height at the lighting, to 200W, compared to traditional energy-saving lamps 50%

Structure of scientific firm

Massive Fin heat dissipation

Light weight

Installation is simple and convenient

Massive Fin Heat Dissipation

Zero touch: light source and the heat pipe intimate contact, greatly improve the thermal efficiency

Pure copper heat pipe: the use of heat transfer principle, the heat quickly passed to the FIN radiator above the heat transfer capacity of copper after the silver, in the known metal in the second place

3D Heat Dissipation: each fin has a cooling hole, the formation of convective ventilation duct, forming three-dimensional heat, to maximize the cooling efficiency.

Massive Fin Heat Dissipation

High Mast LED Light Highlights

Reflector: Reflective rate of 92%, and 25 °, 45 °, 60 °, 90 °, 100 °. Five angle of the reflector reflectors, suitable for different situations.

Adjustable angle: High Mast LED Light has 13 support adjustment points, adjustable angle range of up to 216 °, irradiation angle changes.

Air respirator: Shade with air respirator, waterproof, while we also need to clear the fog inside the lamp cover, to avoid frost, improve product quality and effectively extend the service life.

FIN Technology: FIN Technology not only has excellent cooling capacity, each fin from the same precision but also combine to form a solid whole, while reducing weight and cost savings.

High Mast LED Light Highlights

Product Size

200W High Mast LED Light Size

200W High Mast LED Light Size

Light distribution curve and illuminance diagram

200W High Mast LED Light Light distribution curve and illuminance diagram

200W High Mast LED Light Size


Item Specification LW-M0003
Power Consumption 200W
Lumen Output 18000 lm±5%
Efficacy 90lm/W±5%
Color Temperature 2700-6500K
CRI ≥80
The light source type SMD 3020
Electrical Power Factory >0.9
Input Voilage AC85-277V,50~60Hz
Power Supply Brand CE/MeanWell
Physical Weight 8.5Kg
Housing Die-cast aluminum
Operation Temperature - 40℃~ 70℃
Humidity 20%~85%,non condensing
Finish Black
IP rated Ip67
Certificate Certificate CE RoHS UL
Material Usage RoHS compliant
Lifetime >50000h

Choose CE/MeanWell driver let the products reliablility and stable. Pass CE/UL certification

Item No. Driver Warranty
LW-M0003-1 CE Driver 2 years
LW-M0003-2 Meanwell Driver 5 years


Item Carton size G.W/Carton Quantity
LW-M0003 21.45x18.11x18.11inch
10.7Kg 1PCS/Carton

200w High Mast Led Light Packing Chart


How long is the delivery date? When I can get the goods? How to choose the right shipping method?

We will send the goods out within 5~10 working days after confirm the payment. Provide the tracking NO. for your tracking your goods.
For sample or small try order we suggest use Express transport such as: DHL, UPS, Fedex.
For production order which heavy we suggest by air or by sea.
For any further information welcome to contact our sales.

What is the brand of 3030 SMD?

The brand is Osram.

What kind of certification it have?

It have UL and CE cetifications. If you need more certification, pls talk with us, we would like work with our customer to make more.

Why you have so many different driver for choice?

We are factory, we make all the floodlight by ourself. We can change different driver to meet your different request. Help you earn more business.

Why some other supplier told me they can make the floodlight to be 120-130lm per watte?

We knew some supplier say like that, we understand they didn't caculate as the whole products, they just tell customer the LED output, not including the driver. We do all the really test, not estimate.


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